September 14, 2020 – December 18, 2020 all-day

SHOW STREAMING: Sept. 14 – Dec. 18, 2020

Chopper Sweeney never really believed in ghosts…until one started believing in him. Chopper and his friends, Hank and Glory, set off to solve the case of Simon Stillwater, but what starts as a small-town adventure quickly turns into a standoff with the supernatural. Adapted by LCT’s Jeremy Kisling and author of the graphic novels and co-founder of Cricket Press Sara Turner, this locally grown ghost story will have all of Pineville on pins and needles. So, join us on this one-of-a-kind adventure that you can now enjoy from the comfort of your own home!   

By Sara Turner and Jeremy Kisling
Adapted from the graphic novels by Sara Turner

Best enjoyed by ages 8 and up

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The Ghosts of Pineville is recommended for – 3rd-8th grade 

Curricular Connections  Graphic Novels, Local Authors, the Supernatural, Friendship, Sacrifice

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About The Ghosts of Pineville
The Ghosts of Pineville is an adaptation of a series of graphic novels by Sara Turner of Cricket Press! If you’d like to follow the novels as you watch the show, we recommend picking them up from the Cricket Press Etsy shop!

Purchase the graphic novels!

The show is a ghost story, and as such, there are spooky elements, an eerie atmosphere, and tropes that are common to the thriller genre. At two points during the play, characters are controlled by benign ghosts.  Additionally, our main characters communicate with a ghost using a Ouija board, and one character uses a supernatural book to attempt a spell.  The Shadow, the evil ghost, is a tall, hooded character that adds the scare to our story!

Prior to the start of the play, Chopper and Doris’ dad has passed away, and JT and Glory’s mom has passed away.  Because of this, these characters are interested in meeting ghosts with the hope of seeing their parents again.

There is a scene with bullying; our central crew encounters the Populars, who give them a hard time for their interest in the supernatural and break a piece of their equipment.

The life of a ghost hunter has many ups and downs. As such, our crew find themselves in an argument and Glory punches Chopper out of anger, but they soon make up. Two characters also share a kiss while hunting ghosts.Towards the end of the play, there is a scene where ghosts are released throughout Pineville – this is probably the spookiest moment of the play – there are moans, thunder, and flashing lights.

This play is a great way to spark conversations about loss and how we deal with it.  Chopper and Doris both would do anything to see their dad again, but learn to rely on friends and family for support instead of the supernatural.  This play is also a great conversation starter about local history and legends – does your hometown have any ghost stories or local legends?  How did they get started?

We love this story because it is all about family and friendship!  Chopper, Hank, and Glory, along with their siblings, not only work together to fight a supernatural entity, but help each other through big emotional issues like the loss of a parent. The Ghosts of Pineville is also about what makes where you live a “hometown” – it’s not the buildings or the scenery, but the friends and family that make where you live your home.