October 2, 2021 – October 24, 2021 all-day

Family Weekend Performance Dates: October 2-3, 2021
School Day Matinee Dates: October 1-6, 2021
Streaming Dates: October 15-24, 2021 

Lucas loves his sushi lunch that his mom packs him every day for school. What he doesn’t love is his classmates’ constant questions about how “weird” it is. So now he’s faced with a difficult choice: bring sandwiches from now on to avoid attention, or eat what he wants and get stares and questions. With help from a magical cat guardian and an ancestor from the spirit world, Lucas learns to embrace his family history and proves to everyone that to be brave is to be yourself. Mixing the Japanese word for soy sauce and the elementary school “show and tell” activity, Shoyu Tell is an LCT World Premiere all about good food, best friends, and celebrating the differences that make you YOU. 

By Sam Hamashima 

Best enjoyed by ages 5 and up 

Location: The LCT Main Stage

Length of Show: Approximately 1 hour 

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Family Weekend Performance Info

Saturday, October 2 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, October 3 – 2:00pm

*Pay What You Will 

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Public Streaming Info

Friday at 5:00pm – Sunday at 5:00pm
October 15-17, 2021
October 22-24, 2021 

School Day Matinee Info

Friday, October 1
Monday – Wednesday, October 4-6
10:00am & 11:45am 

Shoyu Tell is recommended for – Kindergarten – 4th grade
Curricular Connections – Assimilation, Friendship, Courage, Asian Culture
School Streaming Info: Begins school streaming October 18 

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