April 3, 2022 – April 10, 2022 all-day

Family Weekend Performance Dates: April 3-10, 2022
School Day Matinee Dates: April 5-8, 2022
Touring Dates: February 7 – May 13, 2022 

With his handmade silk suits, wide array of hats, and tiny gold pocket watch, Edward Tulane was the most exceptional toy in Abilene’s room. He was adored and he was happy. But then, one day, he was lost. Based on Newbery-winner Kate DiCamillo’s beloved book, audiences of all ages will love this breathtaking story of finding friendship, finding yourself, and eventually finding your way back home. 

From the book by Kate DiCamillo
Adapted for the stage by Dwayne Hartford 

Best enjoyed by ages 8 and up 

Location: The LCT Main Stage and On Tour 

Length of Show: Approximately 75 minutes long

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Family Weekend Performance Info

Sunday, April 32:00pm
Saturday, April 92:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, April 102:00pm

*Pay What You Will

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School Day Matinee Info

Tuesday – Friday, April 5-8
10:00am & 11:45am 

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is recommended for – 3rd – 8th grade
Curricular Connections – Loss, Life Changes, Emotional Intelligence, Journeys 

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Things to Know Before the Show

Educational Play Guide
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About The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a dramatic adaptation of the book by Kate DiCamillo by Dwayne Hartford. It follows the series of events an exquisite china rabbit toy experiences as he is thrown from person to person across the land and seas. If you want to learn more about the story before coming to the play, a great place to start would be reading the book! This is a tale about empathy, hope, and learning how to love.
As Edward travels, he falls in the hands of a number of different people in different places. Even though his time with each person is short, Edward learns much about their lives and the sometimes painful moments that have brought them to where they are now. These experiences include sickness, death, homelessness, loneliness, abuse, and ultimately love. Since these topics are heavy, the show does include some intense emotional moments. Though these moments are present in this production, it also includes joy and laughter as Edward learns that in times of pain there can still be things to comfort and encourage us.
Edward begins his journey without any understanding of what love is; he’s disconnected and uninterested. As his journey continues and he meets his many companions, he experiences the joys of life (like dancing, singing, and looking at the stars) and learns what love truly is. Unfortunately, all of these relationships end with Edward being separated from the people he loves by someone else or watching the person he has come to care for experience pain. To note a few of these instances, Edward meets a character that has lost a child, he adventures with a homeless man who is beaten, and is thrust into the home of two children that are abused by their father. Additionally, Edward experiences an intense feeling of loss when a one of his owners dies from an illness. This leaves Edward feeling, as any of us would, beaten down and alone. LCT understands that this experience of a “dark place” is very real for many people, and would like to bring this topic to attention so teachers, parents, and caregivers can properly prepare and converse with students as needed. Ultimately Edward passes into the care of an especially kind family and continues to spread joy and wonder to those he is gifted to.
This play is a great way to spark conversations about…love and empathy. Edward Tulane experiences a shift in perspective as he sees his companions’ pain and joy and value as individuals – and then begins to care about them. This is a great reminder that we don’t often know what is happening in another person’s life, and no matter what our circumstances, we are always worthy of love. This story also gives us a great example of how love is strong, sometimes painful, and ultimately fulfilling. All the moments of loss, sadness, and loneliness come from the deep connection that Edward made, showing that sad emotions are often a testament to deep love.
We love this story because…it reminds us that the world is vast and full of people that are so different but can still experience connection and love. It also gives you the opportunity to begin conversations about large emotions with your young people. At LCT, we want to inspire and encourage learning and growth, as well as enrich connections in our community. We encourage you to take the thoughts and feelings you leave the show with back to your homes, classrooms, and other spaces. We love this story because it encourages us all to ask questions, express emotions, and have the courage to love others.
Please note that these moments listed below are included in this production and could effect those with sensitivities.
  • Sound: This production includes musical and recorded sound elements that could be loud or intense for some audience members.
  • Violence: This production includes small depictions of violence (a kick and a slap) and could be scary or intense for some viewers. All moments of stage combat you see are carefully choreographed and rehearsed, so they are 100% safe for the actors while remaining believable for the audience.
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is one of our Touring Productions, which means it doesn’t just perform here in Lexington! Our four professional actors are traveling with this and our other production of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters from February through May to schools, libraries, and theatres all over the Commonwealth and beyond! As a touring production, the show is designed to be performed by a smaller cast, so you will notice that the actors play multiple different characters throughout the course of the story.