LCT's Show Streaming lets you bring professional theatre productions directly into your classroom! Booking a streaming pass will give you access to your chosen play via Vimeo for one week (all day Monday-4:00pm on Friday). You also have the opportunity to add live Q&A sessions or post-show Theatre Workshops for an additional fee.

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Shows Currently Available to Stream

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Payment is due on the first day of streaming. School streaming passes are based on the number of students watching 

  • $30 Classroom (1 - 30 students) 
  • $125 Grade Level (30 - 130 students) 
  • $400 Entire School (130+ students)   

Note: Streaming pricing is flexible. For example, if you are purchasing passes for two grade levels and not the entire school, you can select two “Grade Level passes, which will be more cost effective than the “Entire School” price.

Post-Show Workshops and Q&As

You have the option to add live virtual sessions onto your show streaming package! The maximum group number for each individual session is 30 students.

Virtual Q&A ($25/20-minute session) After you watch the play, hop onto a video call where you and your students will get to ask questions from the Playwright(s), Director(s), or Technical Artist(s) who created the production!

Post-Show Workshop ($75/50-minute session) Join one of LCT's Resident Teaching Artists for a 50-minute theatre workshop that ties directly into the play you just saw! You'll learn all about the actor's toolbox and explore the play's curricular ties through engaging theatre activities.

Book LCT Streaming Pass(es)

Frequently Asked Questions about Show Streaming

Yes! Instead of using a login system, which would require each person to have a separate account, we password protect our videos and then send you the link where you can find the video, and its password for your chosen week. Using that information (link + password), you could have one teacher (or multiple teachers) pull up the video and play it in either a classroom or zoom/virtual classroom setting for students to watch together at the same time, or you could send each student/family the access information so they can watch it themselves on their own time. The passwords change every week so the information will only be valid during the time period you choose. But during that time period, there isn’t a limit on how many people can use the password at once.

Yes! Our streaming passes work in "time frames" - so when you purchase a school pass it will give you access to the show for one week of your choice, all day Monday through Friday at 4:00pm. Within that time frame, you can play whichever show you pick whenever and however many times you want. We upload our shows to Vimeo and password protect them, so you'll be able to use the same link and password for that entire week. 

We have intentionally kept our pricing structure flexible this year so that schools can find a price point that works best for them. Our types of passes are generally based on how many students will be watching the show:
  • $30 Classroom (1 - 30 students) 
  • $125 Grade Level (30 - 130 students) 
  • $400 Entire School (130+ students)   

You are welcome to pick the pass type and number of passes that make the most sense for your school. Let's say, for example, that you have 147 students you're sharing a play with, split across 4th and 5th grade. You could grab 2 "Grade Level" passes since you have more than 130 but don't want to pay for a whole school pass. That'd be $250. Or you could select 5 "Classroom" passes to cover up to 150 students since 30x5 = 150. That'd be $150. Or, since you're only barely over 130 students, you could just grab 1 "Classroom" pass for $125. As long as you find a price point that feels fair to you based on how many people you're sharing the show with, we're happy. We know times are tough for everyone right now so we've kept our streaming pricing as flexible as we can make it.

Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, LCT is relaxing our school cancellation policies for the 2021-2022 Season. All virtual programming may be rescheduled at any time, or cancelled and transferred to an LCT credit to be used for future bookings. Refunds are not available for virtual programming at this time.

If school is cancelled on the day of your programming due to a force majeure event (weather, COVID19 cases, etc), we will work with you to reschedule to a future date. If rescheduling is impossible after exhausting all avenues, then we will not hold you responsible for the amount invoiced.

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