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We’ll be doing our best to upload resources that young people and families can use as an at home theatre experience.

While we plan to try our very best to continue to provide online content – we can’t do that without your help! If you’re able, please consider a donation of $10, $25, or more so we can keep the awesome videos coming!

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Theatre School

Check out these awesome exercises put together by LCT’s Education Department! It’s important to continue to use our minds, bodies, and especially our imaginations – even when we’re at home!

Theatre School: CROW + C Theatre School: Chocolate Bunny Theatre School: Energy! Energy! Theatre School: Object Transformation Theatre School: Boom Chicka Boom Theatre School: Shake Out Theatre School: Yes, Let's Theatre School: Boa Constrictor Theatre School: Moose Song Theatre School: Hey Bo Diddly Bop


This video series includes Masterclasses from LCT professional staff members! You’ll learn a little bit about everything from stage rigging to stage management with the talented artists at LCT. We hope you learn a lot and have a lot of fun!

Masterclass: Bowline Knot Masterclass: Clove Hitch Knot Masterclass Series: Dance for Non-Dancers

Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations

Are you an arts organization or artist that’s sharing your work virtually during this challenging time? Let’s share our knowledge! Click the button below to learn more about LCT’s streaming logistics. We’ll add more to the page as we discover procedures that might be helpful to share! We will make it through this together!

Streaming How-To