Audition for Spongebob The Musical at Lexington Children’s Theatre

Lexington Children’s Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our 21st Annual Summer Family Musical, Spongebob The Musical,  to perform in the Larry and Vivian Snipes Main Stage this July. If you are 9 or older, please join us in auditioning for this production!

Meet the wonderful people working on our production! 

Creative Team:
Director: Jeremy Kisling
Choreographer: Amie Kisling
Vocal Director: Jessica Pearl French
Stage Manager: Kate Tayler
*Assistant Stage Manager(s):  

(*Students are welcome to apply for these positions as part of our mentorship mission. Please contact LCT’s Resident Stage Manager, Kate Tayler, at to learn more.)  

I’ve got questions. Who’s got answers? 

This document! Keep reading. 90% of your questions are answered below. 

 Prior to auditions ask LCT’s Resident Stage Manager, Kate Tayler.  

Phone: 859-254-4546 ext. 224 – not usually at her desk, email is a quicker route!

During auditions ask anyone with an LCT nametag. 

Audition Dates

Saturday, April 20th from 1 – 4 PM 
Sunday, April 21st from 2 – 5 PM 
Monday, April 22nd, 6 – 9 PM  

 Auditionees must attend the entire three-hour block of time in their chosen slot. 

Callbacks will be between April 25-27th beginning no earlier than 6pm and ending no later than 9:30pm. More specific details will be released closer to then.

All performers must turn 9 and be two weeks past their COVID-19 vaccination date prior to May 15th, 2024, to be eligible to audition.

Where and when does the show perform?  

SpongeBob the Musical performs on LCT’s Main Stage July 18th-28th.

We are able to accommodate some vacations/travel plans/conflicts, but in order to be cast, you must be able to attend all tech rehearsals and performances. We will not be double casting. For the full list of specific timeframes for tech rehearsals and performances, please see the end of the Jotform audition form sign-up.

There are four weekend performance days and four weekday performance days. 

Friday, July 19th at 7:30pm
Saturday, July 20th at 2pm
Sunday, July 21st at 2pm
Thursday, July 25th at 7:30pm
Friday, July 26th at 7:30pm
Saturday, July 27th at 2pm & 7:30 pm 
Sunday, July 28th at 2pm  

If I am cast what is the rehearsal schedule like? 

Rehearsals will begin the week of April 29th. Most rehearsals are Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Not every character will be called for every rehearsal, though central characters will attend most rehearsals. The number of rehearsals you attend depends on your role. 

Technical rehearsals are July 11 through July 17 and all cast members must be present.  NO absences are permitted on these days. 

What if I have conflicts with the rehearsal schedule? 

A grid with all potential rehearsal dates and times is provided at the end of the audition form so that you can list all activities that conflict with the rehearsal schedule, especially those that cannot be moved or missed. Directors do their best to honor scheduling conflicts IF THEY ARE LISTED on the conflict calendar in your audition form. It is very difficult to adjust for conflicts after the rehearsal schedule is set. Remember directors juggle the schedules of up to 30+ people including tech staff. There may be occasions when you need to skip or reschedule something. Please be honest and forthcoming. Learning about conflicts after your student is cast and the schedule is made is unfair to the director who has made their decisions carefully based on other students’ conflicts as well as yours. We promise that if your student is the right person for the part we will work around their conflicts; so please do your best to notate them accurately. Please list items even if you do not know exact dates or times yet.  

Do I have to have an appointment to audition? How do I arrange one? 

Yes. It helps the stage manager know how many scripts to have prepared and enables the director to gauge the best use of time. 

 To arrange an audition, Please fill out the form attached to the following link:  

Click Here to Sign-Up To Audition for Spongebob

 We’ll confirm your appointment by email shortly after your audition form has been submitted. Please note that this is not an automated appointment confirmation and each one is personally scheduled and will be confirmed via email from Resident Stage Manager, Kate Tayler. 

 How old do I have to be to audition?  

All performers must turn 9 prior to May 15th to be eligible to audition. There is no upper age limit for auditioning! After you turn nine, any age is fine!

Bring a family member!

The mission of the Summer Family Musical is to create an opportunity for families to participate together! Jeremy Kisling is very devoted to this mission and casts as many family units as possible. It is a great idea to bring your parent, sibling, or cousin to auditions! Auditioning as a family does not guarantee that you will be cast, nor does auditioning as a solo performer mean that you are excluded from being cast—we love to cast as many families as we can, but it’s all in how the casting puzzle shakes out! 

How many people will be cast and what ages?  

The show requires a cast of 25-32 cast members of varying ages. A complete cast list is available below. PLEASE NOTE: Characters, genders, and ages may be adjusted depending upon who auditions. 

SpongeBob Cast of Characters 


Sandy Cheeks    Female  Mezzo-Soprano, Alto 

Eugene Krabs    Male Baritone 

Squidward Q. Tentacles Male Tenor 

Patrick Star Male Tenor 

Sheldon Plankton Male Tenor 

SpongeBob SquarePants Male Tenor 

Karen the Computer Female Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto 

Pearl Krabs Female Mezzo-Soprano 

Mayor of Bikini Bottom Female Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto 

Electric Skates Male Tenor, Baritone, Bass 

Perch Perkins Male Bass 

Patchy the Pirate Male Baritone 

French Narrator Male Spoken 

Sardines Any Gender Ensemble 

Security Guards Any Gender Spoken 

Old Man Jenkins Male Baritone, Bass 

Mrs. Puff Female Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto 

Gary the Snail Any Gender Spoken 

Undersea Creatures Any Gender Ensemble 

BFF Letters Any Gender Ensemble 

Larry the Lobster Male Ensemble 

Do I need to prepare anything for auditions?

No. Please come dressed to move and prepared to sing and read from audition sides. Everyone will be provided with/taught the material that they will be auditioning with at the auditions. We will soon have a perusal script that you can check out if you’d like, or for access needs purposes, please reach out to Kate Tayler at to be sent audition sides early. We cannot guarantee that you will be reading for any one role.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kate Tayler at

Tomato Plant Girl — Teen/Young Adult Summer Tour

Directed by Gabriel Slusser, we are seeking three female-identifying performers (or nonbinary folks who are comfortable playing a female role) to join us for our PAID Summer Touring Company.

You must be 15-20 years old at the time of auditions to audition for this production.


Friday, April 26th from 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday, April 27th from 3:30-5:30pm

Auditionees must attend the full two-hour block.

Callbacks are on Monday, April 29th from 6:30-9:00pm.


Tomato Plant Girl will rehearse from May 1st through June 7th.

There are at least two in-house performances of Tomato Plant Girl on June 8th and 9th.

After this, Tomato Plant Girl will tour to libraries and other venues throughout Kentucky on Thursdays through Saturdays from June 13th through July 13th. There will likely not be a show on every single one of those days, but we are holding them to be booked.

We are able to accommodate some family vacations and conflicts, but due to the fast-paced nature of the rehearsal process, we hope that you are able to be at as much rehearsal as possible.

Will we be paid for this opportunity?

Yes! We pay a lump sum for the rehearsal period and $25 per day of tour performances as a meal stipend.

Can I be in the Summer Family Musical AND Summer Tour?

Yes! Summer Tour would take priority as the rehearsal period is shorter and the performances are sooner, but you can absolutely be cast in both shows.

If you would like to audition for Tomato Plant Girl, please fill out this audition form:

It doesn’t look like there are any characters my age/gender. Should I still audition?
Yes! The “Cast of Characters” listed in the section above is a suggestion, not a rule. A 17-year-old may be cast in an adult role if they look mature or in a 13-year-old role if they look younger. Everyone is considered for all roles, even if their age doesn’t match a character’s exactly.

 What role is perfect for me? 

If you want to know what role is perfect for you, we recommend reading the PERUSAL SCRIPT. But please keep in mind the role you think is perfect for you may not be the role the director chooses to challenge you with. 

What does a director look for at auditions?
The director evaluates:

VOCAL QUALITIES — pitch, placement, articulation, and projection (That means, are you loud enough? Can we understand your words? Do you use inflection?)
Do you experiment with the stage directions in the script or stand like a stick?
Do you embody the character with your voice and body?
Do you live in the world or are you too aware of the audience?
your unique interpretation of language or character
Is it in your words? your face? your body?
Are you reacting and speaking as your character would?

THEN we look at things like height, age, etc. to consider what role you might fit into and which of the other people that auditioned might match up with you. The same criterion is true for callbacks.

What do I do before auditions? 

Once your appointment has been arranged, complete the online form and READ the information sheet. Be sure your conflict calendar includes every possible rehearsal date you’re NOT available, have a parental commitment, etc.  

You do not need to prepare anything for these auditions. LCT’s audition model makes it great for first-time auditioners. Everyone is seeing the pieces of the script and are taught the songs and choreography in the audition for the very first time, so there’s much less intimidation of feeling less prepared than someone else—we’re all learning together! 

How can I better prepare or get a leg up for auditions? 

There are a few practical things you may wish to do before your audition. A copy of the script is available in the LCT box office for you to peruse, though you must remain in the building while you read it. Stop by during office hours to read the script and become familiar with the characters and the storyline.   

Listen to the soundtrack. We do not suggest emulating what you hear; we are more interested in hearing your unique voice, but it is a good way to familiarize yourself with the rhythms and pitches of songs that may be included in the auditions and callbacks.  

 Bring a family member! The mission of the Summer Family Musical is to create an opportunity for families to participate together! Jeremy Kisling is very devoted to this mission and casts as many family units as possible. It is a great idea to bring your parent, sibling, or cousin to auditions! Auditioning as a family does not guarantee that you will be cast, nor does auditioning as a solo performer mean that you are excluded from being cast—we love to cast as many families as we can, but it’s all in how the casting puzzle shakes out! 

 The most important preparation you can do is to come ready to listen, use your loudest voice, and have fun! We want to get to know you and your personality! The best way to do that is to relax and enjoy the audition process, even though we know you might feel nervous. 

Should I audition even if it’s my first time and I may not get a part?
Absolutely! LCT is a great place to have your first audition. We do most activities in groups, not as soloists, so it is low pressure and a lot of fun.

You might not get a part the first time you audition for a play. Auditioning is a skill that takes time and practice before you really learn how to do it well. That means the sooner you get started the better. The more you do, the more comfortable you will be, and that will make you more confident. We strongly encourage you to come audition and just see what it’s like.

Special Arrangements 

If your auditionee has any special needs, please do not hesitate to ask. We can provide large print versions of audition materials, advance copies, and will work with you to create other resources as needed. Please alert the stage manager to your needs when you set up your audition.  

What do I wear to auditions?  

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move/crawl/jump without risk of embarrassment. If you are called back, it might be a good idea to wear the same clothing you wore on the day of your audition. Sandals, flip flops, and open toed shoes are strictly forbidden at LCT.  

What do I bring to auditions?  

  • The auditioners! (Parents who are not auditioning are not required to stay for auditions, but are welcome to if they’d like!) 
  • A leak-proof water bottle is not a bad idea. 
  • Willingness to play and try new things. 

Do I need a resume or headshot? 

No. But if you’re serious about this business and have been in several productions or taken several classes you should create a resume. 

What will I do at auditions?  

When you arrive at the theatre go to the check-in desk. You will receive your name tag and head into the theatre. During the actual audition you’ll participate in warm-ups, improvisational games, and you will read from the script, sing a portion of a song, and do some choreography (dancing). You do not need to prepare any other material; we will teach you everything you need to know the day of. 

It’s best to think that you are auditioning at all times from the moment you walk in the door until you leave the building. We watch how you behave while waiting, while standing in line, while others are performing, and if you show up on time… all of these things tell us how you will behave during the rehearsal and performance process.  

When are callbacks? 
April 25-27th we will hold a callback for performers. Weekdays we’ll start no earlier than 6:00 pm and end no later than 9:30 pm. The actual time will be determined once we know the number of folks required to attend. 

Do I attend callbacks?
You will attend callbacks only if requested in the callback announcement email. If you do not receive an email from us you should email the Resident Stage Manager ( after noon Tuesday, April 23rd. 

What is a callback?
It’s a director’s second look at you and your skills. Especially with the number of people that we will see at these auditions, it is often important to bring some people back for a “second look”.  It might be an opportunity for a director to see certain actors read a scene together or to see you read for a specific character.

I didn’t get called back, does that mean I’m not cast in the show?
Not necessarily. Just because you are not called back does not necessarily mean you were not cast. You may have been perfect for the role the director is using you for and consequently does not need a second look at you. Or if the director knows your skills very well (perhaps you were in a show with them previously) they may have chosen to see only people with whom they were less familiar at the call back.

The callback announcement will let you know if we are calling back everyone we are considering or not.

If I am cast, what is a rehearsal schedule like?
We use your conflicts and other commitments to create a schedule that works for everyone.  We may rehearse in the evenings, but we could also rehearse during the days if it works best for the group. When we announce the cast, we will also let you know the date and time of the first rehearsal, when you might need to come in to have measurements taken, and what you might need to bring or provide.

What if I have conflicts with the rehearsal schedule?
We do our best to honor and work around the schedules and commitments of those cast in our shows. We provide a “conflict calendar” with your audition packet which is how you communicate those conflicts to us. We try to create a rehearsal schedule that works around these conflicts and understand when you cannot be present.

Directors do their best to honor scheduling conflicts IF THEY ARE PROVIDED in advance. It is very difficult to adjust for conflicts after the rehearsal schedule is set.

Please be honest and forthcoming. We promise that if your student is the right person for the part that we will work around their conflicts; so please do your best to notate them accurately.

What if we don’t know all our conflicts yet?
Please be as thorough as possible even with info you’re not sure about. If you know you will play on a team but don’t have the schedule yet, let us know and give us your best guesses about number of practices per week. If you know there is a tournament weekend, but you don’t know if they will “make it” to the tournament, let us know about it anyway.

Work with your teachers, coaches, and leaders NOW to learn about conflicts so we don’t have to have unpleasant surprises later.

Will it affect my chances of being cast if I have too many conflicts?
Not really. Unless you must miss multiple weeks of a rehearsal process, we really do work around conflicts. Usually the directors pick actors for roles and THEN look at the conflict calendars. We promise that if you are right for the part we will work around a few activities. Don’t be afraid to list conflicts, honesty is best.

Can I audition for this production and also be in other LCT shows and activities?
Most LCT programs are scheduled for you to participate in them at the same time. The audition form has a page which will indicate if the current show conflicts with any other LCT programs or shows.

A Note About Over-committing
People want to do it all these days; we ask you to consider your capacity to do it all without spreading yourself too thin. A play is fun but it takes a lot of time and work – physically and emotionally. We want you to have enough time to be successful, and most importantly, have fun! If you must miss tons of rehearsals, that might not set you up for success and enjoyment.  There will always be another play to audition for when your schedule is less busy.

When will you announce the cast? 

The target announcement date and time is 3:00 pm, on Sunday, April 28th. 

How do I know if I am cast? 

We will send an email to all those who auditioned to announce the cast. If you did not receive the email around that time, please reach out to 

If I am cast how do I know when to rehearse?  

When we announce the cast, we will also let you know the date and time of the first rehearsal, when you might need to come in to have measurements taken, and what you will need to bring to the first rehearsal. A full rehearsal schedule is often presented on the first day. 

Does it cost money to be in a show at LCT?
It is our goal to be as accessible as possible for all members of our community. There is no “tuition” to participate in an LCT show, but we do ask you to provide some items (make up, undergarments, shoes, see below). LCT offers participants the option to purchase show shirts and digital downloads of the show, but it is not mandatory.

Because we do not charge a fee to participate, we do invite families to support LCT in other ways. Contributing to our annual fund through the Adopt a Character program and volunteering are just a few.

How are parents/guardians involved?
It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child arrives and departs in a timely fashion from all scheduled activities.

We ask parents to volunteer a minimum of six hours. These volunteers may help with cast crowd control, front door duty, make-up application, or ushering for performances – to name just a few.

Why wasn’t I cast in this production?
The worst part about the work we do is that budgets only allow us to cast a certain number of people. We cannot provide individual critiques for all 60-120 people who audition for any given show, and we understand that it’s tough not to know why you weren’t chosen.

In most cases, choosing people for a show is about picking folks whose skill level and “look” match up. If two characters are meant to be the same age, but one actor is 4’10” and the other is 6’3″ they might not be believable to the audience. You might have a class clown personality that isn’t quite right for a show about Anne Frank, or a more subdued personality that isn’t ready to be in a show about circus performers. Maybe you have ballet training but the dance style of the show is more modern and hip hop. Many factors go into deciding who is a good fit for which role.

Sometimes we choose to give opportunities to those who haven’t had as many recently. For example, if two people are equally suited for a role, but one of them just had a lead part in the previous show, we will likely choose the other person to provide them with an opportunity.

For those auditionees who are still very young, ages 9-12, sometimes they haven’t developed their skills enough to compare with a 13-15 year old who may be in consideration for the same part. Lots of shows simply don’t require cast members of certain ages. For example, High School Musical is a show mainly about teenagers; there are very few roles for 9 to 12-year-olds, though we allow everyone to audition.

If you’re wondering why your student wasn’t chosen, maybe it would be a good idea for a parent to stick around for the next audition. You can’t coach in the room, but you might get a sense of the skills that your student still needs to develop. Were they much quieter than the others? Did they stand stiffly while the others moved around? Were they so distracted by reading the words that they weren’t able to be expressive? All of these are things you can practice at home and in theatre classes! Please check out the section above for ways you can prepare for an audition. Those will give your student a leg up before the next opportunity as well!

We know that it is very difficult to guide your student through rejection. Auditioning is a very challenging and brave endeavor, and your child deserves to know that! We are so proud of everyone who comes into the room to play, express themselves, and be vulnerable as actors. It might take a few, or many, tries before they are ready for a show, and the right fit for a character. But we encourage you to keep at it!

Our education department offers many opportunities that don’t require auditions. We encourage you to sign up for Theatre School Classes or check our Companies program. Both offer the camaraderie and skill building that a performance provides.

As part of our mission to train the next generation of theatre technicians, LCT offers the following technical positions on all Discovery productions whether in our home facility or across the street in the Opera House.

Students must have turned 14 PRIOR to the tech dates for the production. To apply, contact Kate Tayler, Stage Manager, at Please send your name, contact info, and the position for which you’re applying, and we’ll arrange an interview with the appropriate department head.

Available Positions

Wardrobe / Dressers 
This position works with the Costume Shop Manager to maintain the costumes once they are constructed. Assists with fast changes during performances and laundry and maintenance during the run.  

Follow Spot Operator 
Uses a spotlight to follow actors onstage from the booth. Works with the stage manager to achieve light cues. 

Sound Mixer 
Works with the Technical Director to learn and execute the use of microphones in the show, assisting actors in putting on microphones, troubleshooting microphones, and cleaning them. During the show, this person will manage the dynamic levels of each performer/microphone. 

Assistant Director 
Work side by side with a professional director. Focus on blocking, staging, analysis and character development. An extra set of eyes and input. Must be available during a significant portion of rehearsal hours. 

 Assistant Stage Managers and Deck Hands/Backstage Crew 
Works side by side with the Stage Manager to accomplish blocking notation, properties tracking, scenery shifts, line notes, and all responsibilities associated with stage management. Specific duties will be determined and split among those who are interested and available. Must be available during rehearsals and performances.   

How else can I get involved with this show if I’m not cast or not interested in being on stage?
On your audition form there is a section to indicate your desire to work backstage on this production. Fill out your interest areas and a stage manager will be in touch. If you don’t want to audition, please contact stage management at to indicate your interest.

If you would like to apply for a technical position for Spongebob, please fill out this Jotform.

When ARE the next auditions? What shows are they for? 

Keep an eye on our website for the 24-25 season announcement. There will be more auditions coming in August!

How can I be sure I don’t miss any audition announcements?
Click this link to be added to our audition email list! We will send you an email 1-2 months prior to each audition and all the info about how to sign up.

I’ve still got questions. How do I ask them?

If you have a general question, not about a particular show, please contact Resident Stage Manager, Kate Tayler, at