Bring an LCT performance directly to your school, library, or performance venue with one of LCT’s touring companies! You’ll receive the same sets, same actors, and the same costumes as an LCT Main Stage production in your facility at a fraction of the cost. Our affordable rates include your performance(s), post‐show Q&A sessions with the cast, and comprehensive Play Guides. We are currently booking for our Fall 2022 Professional Touring Company. Learn more about each company and the shows they are traveling with below! 

Fall Professional Touring Company


Puss in Boots
Recommended for grades K – 3rd
On Tour: September 12 – December 3, 2022 

Digging Up Dessa
Recommended for grades 3rd – 8th
On Tour: September 12 – December 3rd, 2023

Our Fall Professional Touring Company will be traveling with both Puss in Boots and Digging up Dessa from September 12 – December 3, 2022. Performances are available to be scheduled for Tuesdays - Fridays during that time period. Mondays will generally be held as “rescheduling days” in case a performance needs to be rescheduled due to actor illness, a change in CDC, State, or County guidelines, etc. Occasional dates throughout the run are already blocked off for Main Stage performances in LCT’s facility. The full calendar can be found on our Tour Request Form below! 

Professional Tour Company Pricing:

School/Small Venue (≤ 300 students*/seats per performance):
1 Performance = $800.00
2 Performances = $1,100.00 (same location, same day) 

Venues 301 to 500 seats:
1 Performance = $1,100.00
2 Performances = $1,400.00 (same location, same day) 

Venues 501 seats and over:
1 Performance = $1,400.00
2 Performances = $1,700.00 (same location, same day) 

Travel fees are based on how far away the performance venue is from LCT:
0-25 miles = Free 
25-50 miles = $25.00

50-100 miles = $75.00
100-150 miles = $125.00
150+ miles = $1.00/mile 

*Additional Audience Fees: If a school goes over the 300 student limit, a $100 additional audience fee will be charged per performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about LCT Tour

All Touring Company members follow LCT’s “Safe at Work” guidelines include mandatory face coverings including during the performance, maintaining 6 feet of distance from the audience while performing, daily temperature checks, and submitting the results of periodic COVID tests.

Actors will be fully vaccinated at the time of their tour. All set, props, costumes, and transportation will be thoroughly sanitized daily.

When in performances, LCT will follow all CDC, State, and County mandated safety measures for audiences and performers. LCT performers will also follow any additional individual school guidelines regarding COVID safety.

Yes! Our Professional Touring Companies travel with both of their listed shows at the same time and can perform both in the same day, as long as the scheduled performance times allow for enough time to change over the sets, costumes, and props in between. 9:30am and 1:00pm are pretty standard show times for us, but we can be flexible as well! Our specific schedule requirements are listed in the booking form to help you make the best decision for your organization. 

No, your payment is not due until the day of your scheduled performance(s). You are welcome to simply hand a check to our Associate Artists before they leave your school if that is easier for you!

Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, LCT is relaxing our school cancellation policies for the 2021-2022 Season. All in-person programming (field trip matinees, tour performances, etc.) may be altered or cancelled up to seven days prior to the date of service without financial repercussions. After that deadline, in-person programming may not be cancelled, but may be rescheduled to a later date at any time.

If school is cancelled on the day of your programming due to a force majeure event (weather, COVID19 cases, etc), we will work with you to reschedule to a future date. If rescheduling is impossible after exhausting all avenues, then we will not hold you responsible for the amount invoiced. 

Got more questions?

Feel free to contact Helen, our Marketing and Sales Manager, at!