Lexington Children’s Theatre is pleased to provide you with electronic Play Guides designed especially for enhancing the experience of attending an LCT production. The electronic version of our Play Guide includes information and activities for each of the plays in our season. Our goal is to provide a valuable resource for the production you attend, as well as an educational tool for planning drama activities in your classroom.

Within these web pages, you will find information and activities to help extend the LCT experience. The activities offered are tailored to the age and skill of your students. Each activity is designed to help you achieve the corresponding Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS). As always, we rely heavily on your input, so please look for Performance Evaluation forms after our performance. We are excited that you are bringing your students into our audience, and we hope this resource will assist in bringing our production into your classroom.

Your role in our play…

You may wish to have a discussion with your class about your upcoming LCT experience and their role as audience members. Remind your students that theatre can only exist with an audience. The actors on stage are affected by your students’ energy and response to their work. The quality of the performance depends as much on the audience as it does on each of the theatre professionals behind the scenes and on stage.

Young audiences should know that watching live theatre is not like watching more familiar forms of entertainment ‐ they cannot pause or rewind us like a video, there are no commercials for bathroom breaks, nor can they turn up the volume to hear us if someone else is talking. Your students are encouraged to listen and to watch the play intently, so that they may laugh and cheer for their favorite characters when it’s appropriate. Sometimes the audience has older and younger students mixed together and they may react to the play in different ways. To ensure everyone’s enjoyment, students are encouraged to respect those differences.

At the end of the play, applause is an opportunity for your students to thank the actors, while the actors are thanking them for the role they played as an audience.

Each play guide is posted approximately two weeks prior to opening. If a title is not yet active, it will be soon!

This season’s Play Guides

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