What is LCT’s Theatre School?

The mission of Lexington Children’s Theatre’s Education Department is to provide students of all ages with the means to actively explore the beauty, diversity, complexity, and challenges of the world around them through the dramatic process. We strive for our students to develop their own unique creative voice, their imagination and their understanding of drama and its role in society. Theatre school classes are offered in four seasonal quarters. Each quarter offers a variety of classes designed to give our students a rewarding experience while still targeting and meeting their needs physically, mentally, and creatively. We offer classes for young people ages 4 to 18, with a purpose of producing a valuable educational and creative experience for the young artist.

What if my child has already taken several of your classes?

Learning to act is a skill that must be developed over time and with scores of hours dedicated to practice. Many actors and theatre artists call the art of acting a craft or a skill. In order to develop a skill or a talent you must practice. After all, no one sits at a piano for the first time and plays a Chopin cantata. The craft of acting is very much like learning to play the piano. It cannot be learned in a day, a week, or even a month. Most actors consider developing their craft a lifelong process. There are always new techniques to learn in order to improve an actor’s instrument: the body, voice, and personal creativity.

How do I register my child in LCT’s Theatre School?

Call the Education Department 254‐4546 x 225 or x 226
Payment in full must be made at time of registration.
*Visa and MasterCard accepted.
Download and mail in a registration form with your payment.
Stop by our Box Office

How will I receive confirmation?

Once your registration is received, we send a confirmation letter one week before the class is scheduled to begin. This letter confirms dates and times, location and instructor, as well as any specific instructions for the class.

Class Size/Waiting List

LCT reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. Some classes may fill, but we will accept students on a waiting list in case of cancellations or additional sections.

How many students are in each class?

Each class has a minimum and maximum number of students. Minimum enrollment is generally five students. LCT reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. The maximum number of students varies with each class, depending on the age range and type of program.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

A $20 non‐refundable registration fee is included in the tuition. If a student cancels more than two weeks before class begins, the student will receive a full refund, less the $20 registration fee. If the student cancels less than two weeks prior but before class begins, the student will receive full credit towards another theatre school class during that fiscal year. If the student cancels after class begins, a credit will be issued for 70% of the tuition. After the second class, no adjustments will be made. If LCT cancels the class for any reason, the student will receive a full refund.

Is financial aid available for LCT classes?

Financial aid is available for all classes and is awarded based solely on financial need. Generally, qualified applicants receive a 25% or 50% waiver of the tuition fee. Applications must be submitted two weeks before a class begins. Call Jeremy Kisling at 859.254.4546 x226 to request an application.

What are LCT’s attendance policies?

Students should be brought inside by a parent or guardian on the first day. We invite the parents to stay for the first ten minutes of the class to meet the teacher and ask questions. After the first day, students can meet the teacher in the lobby fifteen minutes before class starts.
When class is over the group is led downstairs to the Lobby. A parent or guardian should come inside to meet their child. If other arrangements are needed, please send a note authorizing LCT to release your child.

If a child is left in our care for more than ten minutes a late fee will be charged for every ten minutes until the child is picked up.

Where do I park when bringing my child to LCT?

We have a pick‐up/drop‐off area where you may park for a brief period of time. Parking is available at the Victorian Square Garage, St. Peter & Paul church lot (Saunier) city lots (Short St., Mill St) meters (Short St., Algonquin, Main St.) and residential areas (such as 2nd St.).

What are LCT’S business hours?

LCT’s business hours are 9:00‐6:00 Monday‐Friday and 9:00‐12:00 on Saturdays when classes are in session. If your class falls outside of these hours, the Lobby doors will be locked. If student is more than 10 minutes late or 15 minutes early for class, he/she may not be able to get into the building.

What else do I need to know?

A student’s information form must be filled out and turned in the first day. We keep a copy on file for one year, so returning students will only need to verify the information is correct.

Download the Student Emergency Form



Drop Off/Pick Up

Please escort your child into the building on the first day. This gives the staff time to double check any required forms and gives you the opportunity to meet your child’s instructors. We require children ages 7 and under to be accompanied into the lobby each day. After the first day, unless you wish to, you need not walk into the building with your older child. An LCT staff member will be in the lobby to greet your child 15 minutes before class begins. After each class instructors escort all students to the lobby to be picked up.

For safety purposes an adult authorized on the emergency contact sheet must sign your child out each day. Students may not leave LCT with anyone other than the person(s) listed on your contact sheet. Students over the age of 12 may be released without signature pick-up if prior written permission has been submitted.

Please be prompt when picking up your child after class. If you are more than 15 minutes late for pick-up you will be charged the extended care daily fee of $10. Payment is due by the end of the session for which you are registered.

Snacks and Lunch

Every class has a mid-morning and afternoon break. Full day groups will have a thirty-minute lunch break as well as snack times. Please pack snacks and lunches that do not require refrigeration. Please avoid peanut and nut products due to allergies.