Performance Workshops

LCT teaching artists will work with your students to mount a play!
Performance Workshops work to improve acting and performing skills. Each child enrolled in the workshop receives a speaking role in the play and rehearses every day after school for two weeks, culminating in a fully produced performance for the school community Friday afternoon and for family and friends on Friday evening. The Performance Workshop is a forty minute production with roles for 20‐25 young people in grades 3‐5 or 6‐8 based on popular young adult literature and cinema. LCT provides the props, costumes, sound, and scenery.

Theatre Explorers

Would you like to have an after‐school arts enrichment program?
For five weeks, 18 of your students, grades K‐2 and/or grades 3‐5, will meet after school one day a week for an hour and a half in this student‐funded program. We will explore an aspect or element of theatre that is developmentally appropriate and engaging. On the final day of class we will have a sharing for family and friends.

Empathy in Action: An Anti‐Bullying Program

Empathy in Action is Lexington Children’s Theatre’s anti‐bullying curriculum designed for 3rd‐5th grade students. In this week‐long residency, young people explore the definition of “Community” and examine their own role in creating an environment where differences are respected and celebrated. Together with LCT teaching artists, young people define bullying as they identify the various forms it can take in their lives.

This program teaches the vocabulary to recognize and name various types of intolerance, both verbal and non‐verbal, that students might encounter in the school community. Students discuss and act out scenarios to practice becoming a “rescuer” rather than a “bystander.” Through drama activities, students practice strategies to overcome intolerant behavior at school, and to build an inclusive and welcoming community.

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