la ofrenda

Sunday, September 22 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, September 28 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)

“You can’t know where you’re goin’ if you don’t know where you been… sabes?

History is something Alex doesn’t get. There’s no use trying to teach him about where he comes from because to be honest, he doesn’t care – caring is hard and caring makes him think about losing his parents, which he would rather not do. Try as she might, not even his abuela, a strong-willed Chicana named Marta Torres, can help him to understand the beauty and magic of Día de los Muertos. But with a little thunder and a lot of magic, a fast-talking skeleton might just give Alex the courage and compassion he needs to connect.

By José Casas

SCHOOL MATINEES: Thursdays-Fridays, September 19-20 & 26-27, 10:00am & 11:45am


The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites

Sunday, October 6 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, October 12 @ 11:00am (Pay What You Can)

We are THRILLED – and a little bit hungry! – thinking about a very special production taking the stage on our 81st season! Join the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia as they bring The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites by Eric Carle to Lexington! Three beloved stories by Eric Carle, award-winning children’s book illustrator and author, are retold on stage through the magic of black light and fanciful puppets. The Very Hungry Caterpillar follows the wonderful adventures of a very tiny and very hungry caterpillar as he eats his way through an amazing variety of foods on his path to becoming a beautiful butterfly.

Presented by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia
By Eric Carle
Adapted, Designed, & Directed by Jim Morrow
Music by Steven Naylor
Narration by Gordon Pinsent

SCHOOL MATINEES: Tuesday-Friday, October 8-11, 10:00am & 12:00pm



Saturday, November 2 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)
Sunday, November 3 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, November 9 @ 2:00pm
Sunday, November 10 @ 2:00pm

Have you ever felt like the world was against you? What if you KNEW the world was against you? Stanley’s family has been cursed for decades and it’s the curse that lands him at the brutal and blistering Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention center, for a crime he didn’t commit. Forced to dig holes for days, Stanley learns a lot about the mysterious history of Green Lake and even more about what it means to be a good friend. With the help of Zero, some lizards, and characters of the past and the present, Stanley will do whatever it takes to prove his innocence and reclaim his family’s name.

By Louis Sachar
Based on the novel HOLES by Louis Sachar

SCHOOL MATINEES: Wednesdays-Fridays October 30, November 1, November 6-8, & November 13-15, 10:00am & 11:45am


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical

Saturday, November 30 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, December 7 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, December 7 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)
Sunday, December 8 @ 2:00pm

Can you imagine all of the chaos and joy of your favorite holiday story set to music? Well, we sure can! It’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: THE MUSICAL! Everyone knows the Herdmans are the worst kids in the world, so when they ALL demand parts in the Christmas pageant, the whole town knows the Christmas story is in major trouble. But sometimes it takes a little trouble to help you see the world in a whole new light! The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical has all your favorite characters and a familiar story with all of the singing and dancing we can muster! And of course, all the wonderful heartfelt moments you’ve come to expect from this incredible story all about the gift of giving.

Book & Lyrics by Jahnna Beecham
Music & Lyrics by Malcolm Hillgartner
Based on the play by Barbara Robinson

SCHOOL MATINEES: Monday-Friday, December 2-6, and Monday, December 9, 10:00am & 12:00pm


Aesop’s Fables On Stage

Saturday, December 14 @ 11:00am (Sensory Friendly)
Saturday, December 14 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)
Sunday, December 15 @ 2:00pm 

Everyone can use a bit of advice now and then. And everyone loves stories! Just ask the master story-spinner and advice-giver of Ancient Greece, Aesop! (I-sop? E-sop? A-sop? How exactly DO you say his name?) Jump into a world of color and fun as our trio of storytellers use music, dance, and a dose of hilarity to re-enact some of Aesop’s most famous fables. You’ll laugh, clap, and cheer along with these beloved stories that teach us memorable lessons like “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” and “Slow and steady wins the race.”

By Vivian and Larry Snipes

SCHOOL MATINEES: Thursday & Friday, December 12-13, and Tuesday-Thursday, December 17-19, 10:00am & 11:45am


The Princess and the Peas

Saturday, January 25 @ 11:00am (Sensory Friendly)
Saturday, January 25 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, January 25 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)
Sunday, January 26 @ 2:00pm

Who is your favorite superhero? Princess loves strong characters that zip through space and jump buildings with a single bound – but one thing she can’t stand is her name – Princess. Princesses can’t be superheroes… can they? Vivian Hill Snipes, LCT Artistic Director, takes on this modern retelling of the classic tale all about what is means to be SUPER and what it means to be a princess.

By Vivian Snipes

SCHOOL MATINEES: Tuesday-Friday, January 28-31, 10:00am & 11:45am


Long Road to Freedom

Saturday, February 1 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)
Sunday, February 2 @ 2:00pm

We put a quilt on the gate, and a candle in the window. Then we wait and hope and pray that the light finds those who need it most. Graceanna and Mary Catherine were brought together by the Underground Railroad and as their friendship stands the test of time, so does Graceanna’s determination to be reunited with her family. Working together, these girls turned women will need all of the courage they can muster to keep working, keep hoping, and keep paving the path to freedom.

By Jan Lucas

SCHOOL MATINEES: Tuesday-Friday, February 4-7, 10:00am & 11:45am


Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat

Sunday, February 23 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, February 29 @ 11:00am (Sensory Friendly)
Saturday, February 29 @ 2:00pm
Sunday, March 1 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, March 7 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can) 

The day of our story was a cold cold wet day, so Sally and her brother could not go out to play. After sitting, and sitting, and sitting some more, they couldn’t have imagined who would walk through that door! Now the Cat in the Hat was a sight to see, with his magic and games, he brought the children such glee. Until Thing One and Thing Two’s tricks went very amiss, and the Fish knew their mother would definitely not like this! Will the children be able to stop all the hullabaloo? Well, what would YOU do if it were up to you?

Based on the book by Dr Seuss
Adapted and originally directed by Katie Mitchell

SCHOOL MATINEES: Tuesdays-Fridays, February 25-28 and March 3-6, Monday-Tuesday, March 9-10, 10:00am & 11:45am


The Hundred Dresses

Saturday, March 21 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, March 21 @ 7:00pm
Sunday, March 22 @ 2:00pm
Sunday, March 22 @ 4:30pm

“How many dresses?” “A hundred dresses.”

Wanda Petronski has a funny name and wears the same blue dress to school every day, but when her classmates tease and bully her, she claims to have a closet full of one hundred dresses at home, all lined up.  Maddie Reeves doesn’t have much more than one dress herself – but goes along with the game, even though she knows it’s cruel. How do you find the bravery to stand up for what you know is right – even if it means you are standing alone?

SCHOOL MATINEES: Thursday, March 19 and Monday-Friday, March 23-27, 10:00am & 11:45am


Bees and Buds: A Garden Adventure

Public Performances: 
Saturday, Oct. 26 at 2:00pm
Saturday, Nov. 23 at 11:00am
Saturday, Dec. 7 at 11:00am
Saturday, Jan. 18 at 2:00pm
Saturday, Feb. 15 at 11:00pm
Saturday, Mar 28 at 2:00pm

Down in the garden, flowers bloom, insects scurry, and new friends can be found around every corner. So grab your watering can, slip into some rain boots, and get ready for a Theatre for the Very Young adventure! Join LCT on select Saturdays throughout the 19/20 season for this interactive show that’s just right for ages 2-5 as we explore the wonderful world waiting in our own backyards.


Ella Enchanted

Sunday, April 19 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, April 25 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, April 25 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)
Sunday, April 26 @ 2:00pm

We all feel like we have to do things we don’t want to sometimes – but Ella really doesn’t have a choice! When the fairy Lucinda gives her the “gift” of Obedience, Ella has to do anything anyone tells her to do – whether it’s tripping over her own feet or telling her best friend Prince Char to go away forever. But Ella isn’t content to let things stay that way. Armed with a magic book, the ability to speak six languages, and her determined nature, Ella sets off across Frell to find Lucinda and convince the fairy to break her spell, once and for all. Based on the Newbery Honor Book by Gail Carson Levine, this musical re-imagining of the Cinderella story is a beautiful celebration of friendship, the magic of language, and the power we all have to change our destinies. 

By Karen Zacarias
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma
Adapted from the book by Gail Carson Levine

SCHOOL MATINEES: Tuesdays-Fridays, Apr 14-17 and 21-24, 10:00am & 11:45am